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Anja Lampert
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Re: Don't Create What You Don't Want

Hi Lynn!

I just read your article and it really perfectly fit my situation right now. I'm about to finish university and have been in a slight panic for the last days, as I have to pass my final exam in 14 days. So for the last weeks I have been rehearsing, reading, studying like mad and in the meantime doing my fulltime job as well as I could. Well, to put it properly I was really freaking out.
So today I tried to pull myself togehter and start to think that it was like any other exam or test, so why make such a fuss about it. And just then I discovered this article, which helped my to focus and try not to create what I don't want - and then focus just where I wanna be - which is walking out of the room, having tried the best I could do to pass that exam. And it kind of relaxed me to move my thoughts away from the thought of sitting right in there with those three professors asking me all kinds of questions, and instead putting me right where I want to be, just those few moments later, having passed or not...

Just the right thoughs at the right moment for me!
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