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Hi -
... Thinking it must be like what's going on at 22-24 seconds in this clip.

Is it right?
These are some thoughts:
It's how to 'bridge' or 'graft' onto a second set of intentions, until (i assume) eventually it's a smooth transition, without the need for the hands.

I noted that in the original TenChiJin that I saw, with Akuzawa does not amplify this movement in such a way..

In my own mind i think of it as bringing two movements with knife-edges together, until the transition between them is easy.

All, for what it's worth, of course.

p.s. I've finally found a clip of shiko.
Gave me some ideas. Thank you very much to the original poster: cris693.
I don't know a whole lot about what Akuzawa does to answer. I was hoping to make the training in DC, but I doubt I'll be able to make it.

As for intentions, there are quite a bit of them going all at once. It's keeping them going all at once that's the hard part. Add in a push where now you're under some kind of a load and it gets even harder. You can't have resistance at all to the push or individual muscle groups fire. Not to mention that you lose your intent driven structure. Having no resistance is actually very hard to do. If you start getting the intent driven structure working correctly, the feeling of being pushed goes away. No resistance in aikido.

So, I have my intent going up, pulling my spine upwards. I have my intent as a heavy weight pulling my spine downwards, stretching my spine. It isn't one then the other, back and forth. They're going at the same time.

I have intent going out my arms and intent coming in my arms to my spine going at the same time. If anyone wants to try that, then here's a good test:

Stand in natural stance, arms straight out to the side. Have one person hold your left wrist and one person hold your right wrist. Have each person pull your wrists out away from your body until if feels like you're arms are being pulled out of your body. Then, have each person hold your wrists right there. Don't let the wrists/arms pull back in towards your body. Now, you use intent to send energy out your arms so that your wrists move just slightly beyond the two people holding them. Again, your arm should not come back in towards your body. Have each person monitor that it doesn't. This is starting to get your intent to push outwards. Now, comes the hard part. Use intent to bring energy in to your spine through your arms and try to bring your shoulder blades together -- without letting up on the intent outwards. At some point, you'll be able to do this without all the physical-ness.

Add in to the above, I have intent going down the front of my body into the ground. Then, I have a microcosmic orbit going that goes down the front and up the back. Plus a couple other intents going that are harder to explain.

They aren't really supposed to be 1 then 2 then 3. They should be working all at once right from the start. Like I can do that ... yet. I'm just now starting to work on this exercise. I never could do it before. So, for me, it's get 1 going, then 2, then 3, oh wait, 1 was dropped, pick 1 back up, get #4, #5, oh wait pick #2 back up again, etc.

As for shiko ... wow, is there a lot going on in that exercise. Well, really in all of them.
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