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Re: Aunkai Seminar in Washington DC May 16-17

John Brockington wrote: View Post
I saw Akuzawa do that bo push against David, who outweighs him by maybe 50-70 pounds (hope that is right David) but was "displaced" a good 15 to 20 feet before landing. Sweet fall, too!
Thanks, John. I have about 60 to 65 pounds on Ark, I'd say. Once I grabbed the end of that bo, I was trying so hard to keep him from pushing me back that I didn't even see what he did. It felt like being hit by a wall of compressed air. I was backpedalling, trying to get my feet back under by body, but I couldn't keep up with myself and finally fell. It was really a blast.

John Brockington wrote: View Post
...just a huge, unstoppable force projecting through me. I never felt anything like it before at all. He also did a sort of sokumen thing against me while I resisted, and again, it felt like suddenly every limb in my body had to support a massive weight and just collapsed.
That says it very well.

John Brockington wrote: View Post
He emphasizes repeatedly that he is not truly generating power, just using his body with efficiency. And he says, and shows, that this can be done by pretty much anyone with the proper training. Yes, it is hard. And I can see where some people just don't have the desire to train this way.
He said that he just absorbs and manages incoming force and returns where it came from. He said if I hadn't been pushing back against him with the bo, he couldn't have thrown me like that. It was my own power that did that. Which validates, for me, what I intuited about this method a long time ago. Mochizuki Sensei describe aiki as "the ura of kiai". I had always interpreted that as avoiding the kiai (or strength)--going around it to its "ura" but after reading a lot of Rob John's comments, I told him it seemed like they were accessing the ura of the attacker's strength directly through his own strength. And I think that does explain what they're doing, so that it fits Mochizuki Sensei's definition of aiki.

John Brockington wrote: View Post
There were no waza, no angles, no leverage, no atemi, and no mystic language or ideology emphasized during the training. There was extensive explanation, demonstration, hands-on correction, generous teaching, genuine good nature and sincerity.
Pure information, very well organized and built up step by step to bigger lessons. Very enthusiastically presented and plenty of hard work to go around. He showed very clearly why so few will go very deep with this method but he could pretty solidly guarantee that if you do the work (so much of which is sweat-popping mental) you will get the skill.

John Brockington wrote: View Post
I whole-heartedly agree that ANYONE who is at all serious about martial arts training, but does not just want simple endorsement of their prior experience, go to these seminars. If you want to be told that everything you are doing is just fine, look elsewhere.


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