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"Transparent Power" (Sagawa Yukiyoshi) book translated

Hi all,

For those who haven't heard yet, Kimura Tatsuo Sensei's book (Tomei na Chikara) about his teacher Sagawa Yukiyoshi Sohan has been translated into English, and will be available within a month or two:

"Bujutsu is not something that you'll necessarily become good at after a number of years, nor is anyone else going to make you strong. You must tell yourself that you will never allow anyone to defeat you; then you must back up that conviction with training. It won't do any good to simply repeat the forms of the techniques. They should be steeled with your intention to defeat your opponent. Ultimately, it boils down to a battle between souls. This is true no matter what you do. No matter how much a fainthearted person practices, when push comes to shove, he's completely helpless. When it comes to actual combat, it's a matter of cutting or being cut. If you're timid you'll be cut right from the get-go." - Sagawa Yukiyoshi
This translation was requested and authorized by the author.

The Japanese edition was published in 1995, and went into its 10th printing in 2004. It has been a best-seller in Japan for many years. I've read the book very carefully, and highly recommend it to anyone training in Japanese martial arts. Though it centers on Daito-ryu, much of what is talked about is training experiences and tips on becoming a better martial artist. Though it is not a technical manual (how-to book), there are also many valuable hints towards developing practical ability in aiki, as well as invaluable historical information about Daito-ryu and Aikido. As far as Aikido specifically goes, there is a fair amount of text about Ueshiba Sensei that has not been published in English before.

I'm really not exaggerating - it is a must read.

I'll post back to this thread when it has been released for sale. BTW, I'm not the publisher or a seller, and am not making any money off this. My purpose for posting this information is because the book is being privately published, and I believe there are many here who would appreciate knowing of its existence.


Nathan Scott
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