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Re: Aunkai Seminar in Washington DC May 16-17

Jang Choe wrote: View Post
It's a great opportunity to sign up and see what the hype is about.
The Atlanta seminar had more pure information than any seminar I've ever attended. It's tough stuff, but well worth it.

If you've never felt someone with INCREDIBLE power, Ark's seminar is a great chance to experience that power directly without being harmed. It's SCARY, no mistake, but Ark is a really great teacher and he has very important material that he's dedicated to imparting to all who want to learn it.

At one point, he had me grab the other end of a 6-foot bo and try to resist his push. Not only could I not resist, but the surge of power shoved me back several steps before I couldn't keep up with myself and flew backward several feet more before hitting the floor with a good thud. And that was just one little moment. Ark gives lots of direct instruction and he's unbelievably kind-hearted for someone with that much power.

You owe it to yourself to meet Ark and feel this power if you consider yourself to know anything at all about martial arts.

Thanks to Jang and the Roswell Budokan for the great opportunity.

Don't miss Ark in Washington if you have a hit of a chance of going. It's worth it.


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