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Re: "Internal training, Aiki, and empowering Aikido" Seminar w/Dan Harden

I am pleased to announce we have finalized the event date and site. I did my best to accomodate the teachers busy schedules. I realize some won't be able to make it but it seems the best for the majority.
The event will take place on August 1st -2nd
It will take place at the
Sturbridge Host
Hotel & Conference Center on Cedar Lake

Link Here
This is a lovely lodge style conference center with lake-front and indoor and outdoor amenities. It is almost across the street from old Sturbridge Village; One of the country's largest living history museums, and a national landmark preservation site
Link Here
Discount room rates are available for $109 dollars (doube occupancy), but there are many cheap digs in the area from $50 and up. All within a mile or so away.
Link Here

Sat, 9 to 12
Lunch 12 - 2p.m.
Afternoon session 2:30 to 6 p.m
Same for Sunday

There has been much discussion about the exhaustion level and concern for knees and such. My approach is mentally and physically exhausting but anyone can do it and when and IF someone gets a little tired, nothing is missed by sitting out and listening and taking notes. The goal is to provide a training platform, materials and an overall understanding of basics to take home and work on with your students.
Many of the local teachers have asked to attend as well. So those new to the work will get to talk with, feel and brain storm with their peers from 4th to 6th dan in Aikido (and other arts as well) and how they are incorporating thsi training back into their aikido.
That said we have quite a bit of fun with much laughter at our get togethers while getting a lot of work done. It is my goal to have people walk away with a clear view of the material, its purpose and goals in solo training, and a clear understanding of its use in live and very martially effective, platform ot empower their Aikido.

With the nature of some of the recent discussions here I think it will be enlightening to be face to face with 5 and 6th dan teachers with decades of experience with the top shihan in the world and hear THEIR opnions on just how relevant this training is to Aikido. Then hear them clearly state why they believe thiis IS aikido and more's the point, the best power they have felt.

Due to the local teachers offering to help -and me finding a larger space-I have extended registration and will hold a few more spaces open. I will be sending out PDF registration forms and payment requirements all weekend.
Hope to see you there

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