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Re: Story's, Anecdotes, and Other Stuff of Wisdom

My brother is a retired machinist. The majority of his work career was spent rebuilding old machining equipment and adding new electronics to them. The engineers would send them blueprints and the machinists would rebuild the machines.

One day an engineer came into the shop and pointing to the blueprints wanted to be shown where a particular part was on the machine. When he was shown where it was located on the machine he got angry and said that the machine wouldn't work because the part was not where the blueprint said it should be. The machinists told him that the blueprint was wrong and to get the machine to work in the factory they had to change the location of the part. The engineer told them that he was the engineer and they were just machinists and did not know what they were doing and in the future to follow the blueprints exactly.

The machinists continued to rebuild the machines to work in the real world and not to the engineer's blueprints.


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