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Re: Off and On

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HI Peter,
I teach English (and aikido as a PE course) at a community college, and I teach students who have never done research to do short research papers. So I gripe about Wikipedia as a source, just like I gripe when they find something off the Internet and stick it in their papers as a source, and we find they're citing a 2nd grade project. It's my English teacher thing. Ross has heard my Wikipedia rant before, but I"ll give you the very short version. Several years ago, one of Wikipedia's editors who claimed to be a professor at a "leading Eastern university" (whatever that means) was discovered to be a 19-year old community college dropout. So although one can often find excellent information on Wikipedia, it's not a reliable source.

In this case, I agree. My Japanese students do the same thing and find it hard to understand my subsequent discourses on the iniquity of plagiarism.


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