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Re: Instruction vs. Teaching, some thoughts

Dear Seiser Sensei,

Kudos to your commitment to staying "green and growing", having the courage to challenge your own sense of expectations, doubts and ego enhanced confidence, that we all have to individually endure, persevere with and, hopefully, overcome in time. That is the key word, TIME, isn't it? After all, that is the dimension in which all happens, where all questions are answered.

I agree that our growth path meanders through differing layers and levels of knowledge, understanding and wonder. Isn't the late Doshu's admonition to commit to daily training in the Way, as true today as it ever was. Training on the mat is important. Training in your mind is crucial, as it requires a 24/7 effort.

Looking forward to the gems you have in your imagination and consciousness, and to discuss principles of Aiki!

In Oneness,

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