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Does Wikipedia need a rant? Do you think you should expend the energy? I gather the article is a 'stub'. I am not quite sure about Wikipedia stubs. In the UK, cigarette stubs are usually snuffed out, after the cigarette has become too short to hold. Clearly, the article is not notable for its intellectual depth or penetration, but I never feel closely enough associated with Wikipedia articles to consider editing them. They are stuff that people write (though in some fields the articles are really brilliant, but not, alas, in aikido). Writing for AikiWeb is so much easier. People know who you are and can engage with you in a much more rigorous and also personal and friendly way than with Wikipedia.
In "software development speak", a stub is a superficial/partial implementation of the full functionality.
Regarding Wikipedia, I urge you to reconsider not participating in the wiki game. On the upside, Wikipedia articles have greater visibility then anything else out there.

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