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A few points about this topic.

1. I understand the Moriteru Ueshiba, the present Doshu, is a member of one of the governing bodies of the Yoshinkai in Japan. Kisshomaru Ueshiba always kept a close friendship with Gozo Shioda, who supported the Aikikai in many ways immediately after the war. Kyoichi Inoue, the present Dojo-cho of the Yoshinkan Hombu, always attends the Aikikai's main events here.

2. Before I came to Japan, I trained intensively (i.e., up to five hours per day, five days a week, plus weekend seminars) with a teacher who was a student at Takushoku University, where Gozo Shioda Sensei used to teach. (In fact, because of this, it took me many years to get my Ph.D.) For various reasons he joined the Aikikai, but has never lost his Yoshinkan roots. Those five years gave me a structure of solid, basic movements and techniques, which have proved to be a sound foundation and a good basis for developing my own aikido. So my own training has has been Yoshinkan-influenced, even though it is 'Aikikai'.

3. It is interesting that since the Aiki Expo, I have been in correspondence about future projects with two instructors who also attended the Expo. They were both Yoshinkan instructors and one of them was the same Inoue Sensei whom I mentioned earlier.

4. Finally, I would sound a note of caution. In principle, I think that cross-training and experiencing other ways of practising aikido is a very good thing. But I think it depends on the student (and to a lesser extent his/her instructor). It should not be done too early. At present it would be very unwise for some of my own beginning students here to train elsewhere yet, because they have not yet internalised the basic movements and principles I am teaching them.

Best regards to all,

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