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ca wrote:
perhaps if the testosterone level were lower, you might have explained to him why you were going slowly, or have found a medium speed between what you were doing and peeling him off of the ceiling.
I agree! But I didn't tell the story to point out my failures. I did it for a different reason which I guess I'm the only one crazy enough to have grasped.

just as likely (probably more so) as the male in a male-female mix knowing her ability better than she, is that SHE knows best.
It depends on your partner. I remember Koichi Barrish putting a pin on me when I was a 6th kyu. I slapped like a wounded duck, OW, OW, OW! Once he let go it turned out I was fine, barely stretched. I'd suggest he knew my ability much better than I. Were I female, I think I'd have to suggest he would still know better than I did.

so all we are asking is to be treated with respect. respect our abilities, and our assessment of them.
Works for me! Been doing it for years.

when so many women are saying they feel men are not treating them based on their abilities, and so many men in this thread admitting they do not treat them based on their abilities (eg, 'i am softer on women'), then i'd say i see a trend.
I'd argue the sample is way too small. How many jar heads have admitted they treat women differently? Five? How much combined experience do you think they had? 5 years? How many women have piped up? Five? Plus the original question biased the response. Don't get me wrong, there is absolutely sexism in this world, I'm just not sure this sample is the right proof.

Magma used a technique i like to use (because the military is race sensitive but still learning to be gender bias free), substitute a minority race for women in any of the sentences you've typed, and see how they sound: I'm softer on Blacks; Mexicans don't like bruises; nage might be a better judge of your ability than you, it has nothing to do with the fact that you are Jewish. then take a long look in the mirror.
You've attributed quotes to me that are not mine. You may not have meant to but it reads that way.

Nage might be a better judge of your ability than you are (I did say this one), and in many cases, damn well better be. We call these type of people instructors or seniors. If they couldn't judge our ability better than we do then we've got more problems than I've realized. Also, that kohai you are training with might not be the kohai you think they are. They might be a better judge of your ability than you realize.

Dan! Ukemi takes many forms.
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