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Re: Dance, Wrist Locks & Sub-Teens

Thomas Donelson wrote:
"If you let your child learn ANY Aikido Wrist Locks or foot work manuevers, with a wrist lock, your child will grow up to be a hunchback cripple!!!" The Genes will be altered by Aikido and the sholders, wrists and elbows, of both arms will be deformed.
That's a bit of a straw man isn't it?

No reports of any permanent injury have been reported anywhere on this thread, but the implication of the fears seems beyond permanent, to the spiritual after life.
You might say the lack of reported long-term injuries on this thread might have something to do with the fact that folks here are so cautious in the first place.

So now 4000 people viewing this thread are being told to keep their children away from Aikido schools. Football is OK. teachers of Aikido to children? Again, this is a bit of a straw man.

I broke my wrist a couple of times falling off motorcycles, in my teens. My wrists healed OK. Children's wrists are still growing under the direction of DNA. So how does strain on the wrists, from Aikido wrist-locks, Change DNA? Aikido wrist locks change your DNA?
That's also a bit of an exageration isn't it? Children's wrists/bones are growing at the growth plates. If you damage those, growth can be affected. It's simply an issue...and one which seems riskier when an anonymous person with little to no experience proposes regularly teaching the stuff.

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