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Re: How can I choose a good dojo?

Originally posted by erminio
Hi, everybody.
I'm the guy with the problem in "Can Aikido help me?".
I decided to learn Aikido seriously, I'm reading a book on it ("Aikido and the dynamic sphere) and I'm going to subscribe to a dojo on September.
Now the question is: how can I choose a good dojo? It's the fame of his sensei (here in Milan we've got Fujimoto sensei: what about him?), the "look" of the dojo (it's big, clean, many showers, new tatami and so on), the number of people who follow the dojo..
and, last but not least: how many hours of lesson for week should I expect?

Thanks a lot

I have nothing to add to the general advice given above. However in your post, you mentioned Mr Y Fujimoto and asked about him. I have known him for many years and often met him when I trained at the summer camps held in Italy. These used to be held in Firenze (Coverciano), but now they are held in La Spezia. They are usually led by Mr Hiroshi Tada (9th dan), who was Mr Fujimoto's own teacher (and who also teaches me here in Japan).

So, by all means look around and see what there is. Milan is a large city and so presumably there are quite a number of dojos. Of course, I am giving you my personal opinion, but I think if you finally choose to train under Mr Fujimoto, you will not have made a bad choice.

Yours sincerely,

P A Goldsbury
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