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Phil Van Treese
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Re: My shodan exam on YouTube

Tomiki Shihan was a disciplinarian and wanted to be sure that when he promoted to Shodan, or any level black belt, that the person had the proper disposition and some he tested to find out. I think I wasn't the only one he tested like this but I wouldn't know for sure. Your character would truly come thru. Personally, I was mad at first, then bewildered, and then I didn't care because with the skill I had, it started not to bother me. I started to enjoy it because I was giving fits to other shodans, nidans and a few sandans. When I tested for my sandan, I wore my white belt too and I really didn't care. When he gave me the black belt though, I almost passed out from "Yahoo-ism"!!!!! I had 3 Nidans, a Sandan and Yodan for my sandan test and I had no trouble at all with any of them. I have to give credit to Tomiki Shihan for that though. I personally will never hold back rank from any of my students but they will earn it.
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