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Re: How can I choose a good dojo?

Originally posted by erminio
Hi, everybody.
how can I choose a good dojo?
Well… I think to find a good dojo is go by your feelings. Watch a few classes and check out the different instructors. Find one you like. Try class, some dojo give a free class or something.

After practicing a little ask your self; Do I like how the "Sensei" teaches?, do I like your fellow students.

At first you will feel uncomfortable (you will periodically through out your training, even as a black belt). aikido should be fun and enjoyable. And very important, are you learning.

You will go through stages that you will think you are not learning any thing….that is the "you don't know what you know". you will feel like you haven't learned much. That is normal.

Thank you

With Ki,
Ben Doubleday

Take your time, Aikido will be there when you find it (or dose it find you?).
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