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Re: Dance, Wrist Locks & Sub-Teens

Thomas Donelson wrote: View Post
...all the implications of all the fearfullly exaggerated possiblities posted in this thread, are 200% accurate. "If you let your child learn ANY Aikido Wrist Locks or foot work manuevers, with a wrist lock, your child will grow up to be a hunchback cripple!!!" The Genes will be altered by Aikido and the sholders, wrists and elbows, of both arms will be deformed.

Now you show yourself to be not only unreasonable and unreasoning, but a liar.

No one in this thread has made any such claims as you state above. Hence, you either cannot read, or are incredibly lacking in the capacity to reason. Or you just enjoy lying. Pick your poison.

So now 4000 people viewing this thread are being told to keep their children away from Aikido schools. Football is OK.
Again, no one has said this. What they have said is that the joint locks in aikido can have serious implications if applied without caution on children whose growth plates are not fully formed. Many of the people here have actually **taught** children aikido, have active training programs at their dojo that **teach** children, and some would even **recommend** aikido classes for children. With the above warning.

Personally, I would recommend wrestling or judo...but that is just me.

Your hyperbole and falsehoods have not gone unnoticed. What amazes me is that people have actually tried to intelligently engage you, and you have rebuffed all of their efforts, ending in completely mis-characterizing everything that they have said.

Ron (wow,

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