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Re: Bad Advice and Self Defense

Marc Abrams wrote: View Post
The answer to your question is "Yes." If it had been a 6'2" WHITE man, I would have described it as that.

If it had been a 6'2" albino dwarf, transexual with a lisp, I would have described it as such.

Attention to detail is critical to what I do for a living (which supports my being able to run a dojo). You seem intent upon looking for an evil that is not there. If you were to actually try and get to know me, you would be laughing with me at what you are trying to distort things to be.

I'm not trying to distort anything. In my experience, it's quite unusual for the race of a white person to be noted anywhere except perhaps on a police blotter, while it's much more common that someone will make a point (particularly when speaking of a criminal) of noting that someone was African-American or Hispanic. That's all.
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