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Re: Dance, Wrist Locks & Sub-Teens

Garth Jones wrote: View Post
Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics B:
September 2005 - Volume 14 - Issue 5 - pp 385-387

"Wristlock is a commonly used physical restraining manoeuvre to control aggressive and violent persons in penal and medical institutions. We report three cases of similar physeal injuries to the distal radius sustained consequent to a wristlock restraint. There may be a higher morbidity involved when wristlock restraint is used on those with an immature skeleton. We recommend that caution must be exercised whenever a wristlock restraint is used on individuals under 16 years of age."

This has been mentioned before, but here it is again. A member of my dojo, who is also a physician, agreed with what everybody has been saying here.

Ignoring the advice of the collection of highly experienced martial artists who have responded to your question is complete foolishness, given your admitted complete lack of experience. You should get off the internet and go to a dojo....
You are to be commended for taking the trouble to ask a physician about teaching children Aikido.

Unfortunately, the wording of the above post indicates that all the implications of all the fearfullly exaggerated possiblities posted in this thread, are 200% accurate. "If you let your child learn ANY Aikido Wrist Locks or foot work manuevers, with a wrist lock, your child will grow up to be a hunchback cripple!!!" The Genes will be altered by Aikido and the sholders, wrists and elbows, of both arms will be deformed.

No reports of any permanent injury have been reported anywhere on this thread, but the implication of the fears seems beyond permanent, to the spiritual after life.

The Warning about not using wrist-locks quotes in the above post, is taken out of context, and is from an article for which I posted the reference, earlier in the thread. The article is about injuries to three individuals restrained in Brittish Night Clubs by bouncers. Bouncers and Bar Owners are breing cautioned about possible injury to rowdy individuals under 16 years old, by the application of RESTRAINING types of wrist-locks.

So now 4000 people viewing this thread are being told to keep their children away from Aikido schools. Football is OK.

Why don't you ask the doctor friend at your Dojo to do a Medline research on wrist injuries, and the permanent effects, if any, to the elbows and shoulders from wrist injuries. Post those references.

I broke my wrist a couple of times falling off motorcycles, in my teens. My wrists healed OK. Children's wrists are still growing under the direction of DNA. So how does strain on the wrists, from Aikido wrist-locks, Change DNA? Aikido wrist locks change your DNA?


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