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Marc Abrams
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Re: Bad Advice and Self Defense

Ashley Carter wrote: View Post
I took a RAD class (if I remember it correctly). I learned some valuable things in there. They taught things like: kick to groin, palm heel to face/nose, hammer fist to top of head, how to punch various ways, choke breaks (standing and laying down) along with a few other things. In the end, 3 guys dressed up in the red suits and we had to simulate some situations. Surprisingly, it was more realistic to me then I thought. It did give me some more confidence then I thought it would. However, I never walked away feeling invincible. I continue to train in martial arts. It was nice to wail on a guy as hard as I could though for once in my life..... HAH!

The most valuable things that you can learn are how to properly prepare to be in certain environments, remaining alert and aware of your surroundings at all times (NO IPOD or cellphone oblivion), how to have ready access to and properly utilize self-protection and self-defense tools.

If you have to be at the point of hand-to-hand defense, the odds are definitely NOT in your favor. You will reactively utilize the skills that you practice the most. Hopefully, those would serve you well in the worst-case-scenario. The skill sets that you mentioned have a finite window in which they will work effectively in. If your initial blow does not do the trick, pray that the assailant is not that much bigger, stronger, and more furious at you.

Train Hard, Stay Safe and Always Remain Alert

Marc Abrams
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