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Re: Dance, Wrist Locks & Sub-Teens


At least now I know how to get Ellis, Fred, and other bright and experienced people to respond to a thread...

Anyway, Thomas posted this proposed waiver:

We, the undersigned parents, agree to hold harmless the instructors and the shcool teaching Aikido, and Aikido Wrist Locks to our children. We agreet to hold harmless the School and Instructors for any injuries our children may experience in training with Aikido Wrist Locks. Further, we agree to advise our children of the dangers of applying wrist locks to other children or persons. We Agree to defend any actions brought against the school or instructors for teaching Aikdo Wrist locks, for any improper use by our children of Aikdo Wrist Locks. We agree pay for any legal or other expenses to defend the shool and instructors against any lawsuits for injuries to anyone, by the unauthorized, unlawful or non-self-defense use of Aikido wrist Locks. We further agree to indemnify the Shcool or Instructors for any payments to setlle any lawsuits involving our children's use of wrist-locks, or wrist-lock information, taught in the shool, or by the instructors.
As a parent, I would never, ever sign such a waiver. EVER! There's absolutely no incentive for a parent to sign it -- no give and take with the school, just give. The school and/or instructors wouldn't even be financially liable for an injury if they cause one!

All that aside, I understand that waivers are important for schools, but how well do they hold up in court?




-Drew Ames
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