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Re: Dance, Wrist Locks & Sub-Teens

Some posts have suggested not teaching children. I am looking for precautions in teaching wrist-locks to children.

There can be various levels of instruction.

I signed a Waiver when I had my children trained in Aikido, including wrist-locks. So if Instructors are concerned about being sued, I would encourage Aikido instructors of childen to get an informed Waiver signed by the parents.

Wrist Exercises may not have been mentioned yet. The instructor of my children used a dynamic exercise of rolling the fist against the mat, or against the other hand. Purposes of exercise can be to strengthen the muscles and increase range of motion, and strength through the range of motion. By rolling the hand backward and forward, with dynamic tensioning of the wrist, the wrist becomes less susceptible to injury. A step that can be taken early in Aikido training with anyone, including children, can be to strengthen the wrist, and increase strength throught he range of motion.

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