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Michael Hackett
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Re: Dance, Wrist Locks & Sub-Teens


I make my living today as a criminal justice consultant and do a lot of expert witness work in federal and state courts, often dealing with excessive force cases. What Ellis Amdur Sensei and George Ledyard Sensei have explained at great length to you is very accurate and I would strongly recommend you listen carefully to their counsel.

You are putting yourself at great risk because you haven't the education, training or experience to teach the techniques you have been describing, your intended program, however noble, is largely unworkable physically or legally, and you have been warned in writing by some real and concerned experts. I can assure you that if this goes south on you, that the Plaintiff's attorney will read each and every of these posts and many of us will be writing reports, giving depositions and testifying against you.

Please make an appointment with some real martial arts teachers in your area and discuss your ideas. There may be some safe, realistic and sane way to achieve your goals - this simply isn't the path you want to follow.

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