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Re: Dance, Wrist Locks & Sub-Teens

FYI, As a certified Army Combatives is interesting that we STOPPED teaching joint locks in our Level I course.

In my instructor training classes, we make it a point to teach instructors to NOT teach them and the hazards of teaching them to soldiers that do not possess the proper body skills to train on them safely.

In addition, joint locks are pretty much banned in Judo. Even in BJJ and NO GI Grappling, they are limited and you don't see them until really around Blue or some even purple belt level...which is several years of consistent practice.

So, makes you wonder.

FYI, I taught a whole class on Kote Gaeshi in Germany last night. The whole class was about how to do it without using pain by establishing proper Kuzushi. Or as I like to call the class "kotegaeshi, it ain't about the wrist!".

Food for thought!

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