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Re: Dance, Wrist Locks & Sub-Teens

George S. Ledyard wrote: View Post
Ok, I guess more people need to weigh in... You ARE NOT LITSENING...

Everything these folks have said is true. You do not understand or seem to wish to understand. I have taught Defensive Tactics to Law enforcement and Security personnel as well as teaching Aikido. I developed a restraint program for use with juveniles that does not have joint locks specifically because of the injury potential. I have been paid a lot of money to teach that program to juvenile corrections and school security folks. The reason I got hired was because the techniques they had previously been using injured the juveniles with enough frequency that it was a major issue.

The problem with teaching this stuff to very young people is that they have to practice. If they practice on each other they repeatedly stress the joints, over and over. So, even if a particular repetition isn't traumatic, repeated repetition can loosen things that should not be loosened during that stage of physical development.

In law enforcement it is common place for a subject who struggles when locked to injure himself. If kids start using locks to defend themselves on the playground etc, you will certainly have injuries resulting. As Ellis pointed out, being the guy who has set himself up as the authority and taught the techniques to these kids, you are totally in the loop for whatever law suits result.

Listen to what is being said here. There is several hundred years of Aikido experience talking here. You don't know what you are doing, you don't have the expertise to decide to teach it. You are not qualified to develop a p[rogram like you describe.
Did you have a reference for studies showing that straight line stresses from a gooseneck wrist-lock, in swinging with a partner causes injury?

The stresses in restraining a youngster are different from utilizing a wrist grab, allowing the partner room for movement, for discharging anger, and tiring out a bully.

People have posted exaggerated fears, with no studies or analysis of the techniques I am suggsting. I have searched for studies on the possibilities of injury, and find nothing persuasive.

Nothing of substance is being posted, about the risk of injury, but paranoid opinions, so you are correct, that I am unpersuaded. I hear some people expressing imagined fears. I suggest bravery, to achieve peace and harmony.


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