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Re: Dance, Wrist Locks & Sub-Teens

Ellis Amdur wrote: View Post
When my son was in grade school, the biggest bully there practiced aikido. He put kids in wrist locks. He did that to my son. Who decked him with a right hook. That solved the problems of wrist locks and sub-teens in one school. Dance, however, continued.

Ellis Amdur
I am suggesting using Aikido to discharge anger, and tire out bullies, to boredom. I don't have a vision of what "continued" means. Did you want to share the rest of the story, or were you just illustrating other means of dealing with bullies? There are other threads dealing with other means of handling bullies.

Certainly many who prctice Aikido are not interested in non-vilence, or discharge of anger, or peacefully tiring out bullies.

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