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Do symbol Bujin Women's Hakama

Have any of you used them and what did you think of them? I'm slender overall & have a tiny waist, but am blessed/cursed with naturally curvy hips. I always have to buy jeans to fit my hips and then wear a belt to make it fit my waist..... grr.... thank goodness for low-rise jeans! This makes it a little easier for me.

Anywho.... I was wondering which one you have (cotton or twill) and which koshiita you have. I need the hakama for iaido, so I am guessing I will need the original, but I will also need a hakama for aikido and I am wondering if the aiki koshiita will be more comfortable. Does the traditional koshiita have rubber in it instead of something hard?

Also, have you had the pleats sewn? Just curious to see how this worked out for you

Thanks ladies!
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