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Re: Dance, Wrist Locks & Sub-Teens

When my son was in grade school, the biggest bully there practiced aikido. He put kids in wrist locks. He did that to my son. Who decked him with a right hook. That solved the problems of wrist locks and sub-teens in one school. Dance, however, continued.

On another issue, Mr. Donelson, it has been hard to tell from your posts just what your professional capacity is - are you a school teacher or a self-made martial arts teacher. I will say this - in either event, were you to teach children as you propose - with your absolute lack of credentials to do same - and were one of the children under your tutelage to injure another child in a school-yard scuffle, I, for one, would quite happily testify as an expert witness for the parent whose child who was injured. I would testify that based on your posts here, you are unwilling to listen to expert advice, that you have an idea fixed to the point of obsession that you are right, and that you rigidly argue with experts who do not support your position. This means that you did not approach this board in good faith, and thus do not conform to professional standards in which expert advice is solicited to enhance one's knowledge, in this case, to ensure children's safety. Finally, based on your own self-description, you do not possess the professional expertise or knowledge to teach children what experts consider a dangerous technique. I would cite, for example, that in Japan, children are forbidden to apply joint techniques in judo before high school, because of the danger of damage to bone plates. (And as grounds for comparison, they ARE allowed to apply carotid strangles).
So, Mr. Donelson, carry on. You will make myself or someone else very rich some day. On the other hand, as this would be at the expense of possibly permanently crippling a child, this is not something to look forward to.
Ellis Amdur

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