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Robert Calton
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Re: Dojo in southern Indiana?

Ron Tisdale wrote: View Post
...look into non-profit status and how that works. Makes a big difference when it comes to taxes...
That's a good idea! I would imagine that an Aikido organization can easily meet the 501(c)(7), or "Social Club" requirements.

If the organization is also part of a "statewide or nationwide organization that is made up of individual members, but is divided into local groups," then it would help the cause. I think most local dojos belong to a greater collection of Aikido-related organizations, like a national Aikido group or something along those lines that issues member cards. If not, I don't think it would be terribly difficult to hook up with one of these groups.

But yeah, I don't think it's an unrealistic idea. Josh, have you had any experience with this when you were first setting up the dojo?
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