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Re: Dance, Wrist Locks & Sub-Teens


Irregardless of the fact that you admit to not having much experience in Aikido, much less teaching Aikido - the fact that NOT ONE person here agrees with your approach, should give you sufficient pause to reconsider your philosophical stance.

Those that have responded, I feel, have done so with the best of intentions, and not without insignificant practical and teaching experience to back up their argument against your intended approach. The fact that they are saying otherwise, is a big red warning light that one would do well to heed.

Again I would strongly encourage you, as someone who is interested in pursuing this particular avenue, to look at the relevant research in this area, as well as what other people in this field are doing.

For example, the game-based learning activity program "Rock and Water" has had favourable reviews from schools that have implemented the program. The program has several publicly available case studies that resulted in highly positive outcomes for the school, and more importantly, the children involved.

Once again, the principles of Aikido are universal, and can be universally applied in various aspects of life, particularly in the areas of personal development and social-cultural development, and specifically within the context being discussed.

I think it is commendable that you are doing something to address the bullying issue in that particular age group. But like others, I question the soundness of your approach - which you, as someone who wishes to enter into this arena, should also do regularly, simply from the perspective of continuous improvement and "best practice".

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