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Garth Jones
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Re: Dance, Wrist Locks & Sub-Teens


I teach kids in the age range you are interested it. The 'fruits of my experience and training' - 20 years of training and about 15 of teaching, tell me that:

1. Teaching joint locks to pre-teens is BAD for their joints.
2. A child of that age, without a year or two of training, has NO hope of successfully executing a joint lock under the stress of a real attack (nor do most adults).
3. Movement, timing, getting out of the way of attacks, etc. are central to martial training, not joint locks. Kids need to start with that.

A number of people, including me, have made these points already. They all have a great deal of experience with aikido and have been trying to share and be helpful.

Finally, if you have as little experience with aikido as you say, then you are not qualified to teach. I think everybody has the potential to be an aikido teacher, but it takes dedication and study. So, again, go find a dojo and train for awhile. If you do, I think you will find that the answers to many of your questions will become clear. No amount of writing on an internet forum (or watching of DVDs) can take the place of real training.

Garth Jones
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