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Re: Dance, Wrist Locks & Sub-Teens

Amir Krause wrote: View Post
I have a specific suggestion, and I wrote it before too - go and learn some Aikido. Come back in a couple of years after you gained an instructor level. At that point, I and many others here would be happy to assist you in ideas for helping youths to face violence.

This is the main problem.Reading your posts - I and all others here have yet to understand your past experiance. Where did you learn, for how long, with whom?

To use Aikido, you must learn it first. Otherwise you may do lots of things, but not Aikido. Where did you learn, for how long, with whom?

Me and others are not the subject of this discussion. We are not proposing a way to teach youngsters to defuse violence utilizing our knowledge, YOU ARE.

Thus, my own ability and the ability of other posters in this thread is not important. I can not see how my abilities after over 15 yrs of practice are relevant to a child who learns a few lessons. However, my and the others experiance in teaching Aikido, includign wrist lock and other techniques is important, and so is our understandings of the limitations of said techniques.

Wrist locks can be applied in anger, and it is even possible to force some of them on someone as attaqck. Wrist lock and other locks can easily create long term damage! There is a reason for the way M.A. are taught, this way cultivates control.

At least my own understanding of the M.A. world is, the spirtuality\philosophy comes from the limitation of languages in describing our real experiances. When I talk with friends on Aikido application in real situation, they claim I am philosophical while I only try to describe my own very phisical experiance.

You seemed to have good intentions at the beginning of this thread, but not as it progresses. If you refuse to listen and become agrresive in an internet Forum, where is your spirtuality ?

All true, but are you suggesting to increasethe danger to children near you? How is that a positive influence? Spirtually or otherwise?

I agree with Janet Rosen. Though I am giving you this chance to change your way and look for some place to learn.
I am not claiming to have great experience in teaching Aikido wrist locks to children, and how to avoid getting hit or kicked, while maintaining a standing position, with the attacker. I started, and continue this thread, to learn to better teach children the application of wrist-locks for respectful handling of angry agression from others.

A number of people posting to this thread have asked about my training and experience. I have not had enough to brag about, so I don't give my meager details. My ideas are intended for others to evaluate for themselves, and not to be taken on my authority.

A number of people posting to this thread have suggested I get more experience and training, rather than sharing the fruits of their experience or training.


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