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Originally posted by Abasan

I suppose Doshin Nakano as mentioned in that article you've hyperlinked is the same as Doshin So who claims to be the true successor of Shorinji Kempo...

I did ask my sensei about it once, and he told me that its basically shaolin kung fu, pronounced shorinji in the japanese fashion. From what I've seen, its probably a watered down version of shaolin kung fu. (It doesn't look like jujitsu to me, at least not the way they practice here in Malaysia).
He claimed to have based it upon arts studied during his travels in China. Some people disagree - Don Draeger, for example, gives a pretty good argument why he thought that the techniques were mainly derived from Japanese (Okinawan) Karate. "Shorinji" is the Japanese reading of the characters for "shaolin".



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