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Re: So I took a Judo class today...

Minh Nguyen wrote: View Post
Thank you for your answer!
Since I will practice both arts simultaneously with the same amount of time, I think there may be a cross path. Do you think that I may mix techniques from Jujitsu in Aikido randori by any chance?
It really depends on what your Guv thinks about it. I would ask him directly. He is the on that may use you as a tatami cleaning implement (in Japanese, it is called UKE) for a session or two.
If your randori are kokuy based, it may be a bit un- sportsman like to put full technique, as the idea is to use the kokuy equivalent of a technique. (I.e. you are doing a kokyu throw but you could have done the corresponding full on technique).

If it is everything goes as an attack type of randory, then well anything goes in defense.

In any case I would select the people on which I do it as well, anyone with a skirt should be able to cope with it, bearing in mind age and body built that is.

According to the aikido and jj you are doing the point may be very moot anyway or may be you do have randori in jj as well so may be mixing and matching may be against what the coach/teacher is trying to get accross.

All that being said, Remember the aikido saying
"He who you snot hard, will snot you back harder when it is its turn"
It is a very aiki way to bring balance and harmony in the world.


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