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Re: Dance, Wrist Locks & Sub-Teens

The purpose of the wrist-lock, like a Gooseneck, say with two thumbs on the back of the hand of the opponent, and fingers around the palm of the hand of the attacker, is so that I can control my position in relation to the potential paths for the attacker's feet and free arm. Further to give the attacker some area of free movement, so he an express his anger in some movement, yet while I protect myself.

The Dance is really footwork positioning, and discharge of Anger. Problem solving phrases can also be used during the time of the dance. The Attacker is sometimes willing to lessen the intensity of his attack, when both my hands are holding one of his hands, and my feet are positioned away, so the I am not in a polsition to kick or attack the attacker. By taking purely defensive actions, I show respect for the Anger of the attacker, and give him a chance to discuss problem resolution.

There is a sense of loyalty to to the teachings and focus of varous schools of Aikido and Martial Arts. Each branch of Martial Arts has reasons for its focus on some martial art forms, other than wrist-lock dance steps. My suggestion is that everyone should learn the wrist-lock dance, and processes for discharge of Anger. Suggesting universal Wrist-Lock dance training could be expected to meet some moderate to stiff resistance.


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