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Re: Re: Yoshinkan basics within the ASU

Originally posted by George S. Ledyard
I think that Ikeda Sensei's comment reflects his undertsanding that the Yoishinkan system is quite organized and helps students develop very solid basics. We could all benefir from that.
When I was young and foolish, I eschewed static basics, as you see in Yoshinkan and Iwama. I was spoiled on the freedom of Saotome's style of training. I visited Iwama once and was bored with the "stand still and work from this" approach. The Yoshinkan was a four minute walk from my apartment in Tokyo and I couldn't bring myself to train there after watching three times, no less.

Now I train with Peter Bernath, a Yamada student, and unlike Saotome's instruction, we are told to put this foot here and this hand here. I find it refreshing. Moreover, the more I train, the more I want to slow down and get my basics right. I wish I had joined the Yoshinkan way back when and I fear that I, in turn now, am boring my partners who want to get out on the mat and rock and roll. I understood Ikeda's point immediately.

Don J. Modesto
St. Petersburg, Florida
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