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Re: Dance, Wrist Locks & Sub-Teens

Amir Krause wrote: View Post
Dear Thomas

The way you wrote your messages, make me think you are so miss-guided I can not explain.

Have you ever tried any wrist lock on anyone?
You are posting in an Aikido Forum, may I suggest you to find some Aikido dojo and simply try a couple of lessons.

Without realistic experience, all you have is simplified ideas which will NEVER work.

Oh, and I hate to break the illusion, but reading your post on how to perform the wrist-lock "you know", you do NOT yet have any slight idea on how to really perform any wrist lock on any other person.

The number of miss-guided, WRONG ideas I (and many others, much more polite and tolerant then me) read in your posts is staggering. Your messages indicate you have no knowledge in this subject. Your teaching anything of this type to children is on the verge of a crime.

Martial Arts are not a couple of techniques, this is true for Aikido, Karate, Judo, Jujutsu and Kung-Gu. Each M.A. contains lots of synergism elements, the techniques are just the most spectacular and easiest to see aspect, not the most important one.

To develop a way for children to face Bullies sounds very nice. But life is far from simple. Serious M.A. practitioners, as many here, would mock any person who tries to invent his own M.A. for adults, unless he had lots of years of practice preferably in more then a single M.A. It is my belief, that the qualifications of a person inventing a solution for children should only be higher!

Reading your posts, I am not sure if you are a teenager, sure he has a solution for his problems, and refusing to listen\read the opinions of his elder. Or a real teacher, who is sure he found the light and all those people simply have no idea. In either case, you should start by stepping on some dojo mat and feeling the true problems and limitations of locks.

I apologize if this post seems blunt and aggressive to you. But, someone here should have put you in place, and open your eyes to reality before you cause any damage. I guess it had to be an Israeli who has the "Huzpa" to write things this bluntly.

Thanks for expressing your non-specific negative feelings. Others have posted non-specific objections, similar to yours. If you have any specific suggestion, I would be interested.

I have sufficient training to have applied wrist-locks for dance in conflict situations, in my life. I have used Aikido for the release of anger from others, and for creating a dilogue on conflicts. If you and others need more practice to be able to confidently utilize wrist-locks for dance, then I would encourage those who lack confidence in their wrist-lock and foot-work skills, to gain further expertise; either at a dojo, or videos, or friends, or volunteering, whatever.

I am not suggesting that all other forms of marial arts be discontinued. I am suggesting that those interested in young people might look at how wrist locks can be taught to youngsters, at earlier ages, as part of channeling Anger, and creating Dialogue.

My interest in Wrist-Lock Dance is also Spiritual, in that harmony with other individuals is not taught by many branches of Aikdo or other Martial Arts. So my stubborness is based on a belief in the conflict resolution aspects of Aikdo, and the Anger Discharge aspects of Aikdo moves.

There is very little discussion in any of the posts of the spiritual basis of my ideas.

Unintential injury of children is certainly a concern. How does that concern compare with the Reality of the World? Some 6000 of Earth's children die each day from contaminated drinking water. No Headlines, just facts. C=advanced

Search: Deaths Clean Water

The teaching of the branch of Aikido which teaches respect for the Anger of others, rather than the punishment of and countering Anger, is my spiritual belief in answers to Peace.

Developed contries are too busy fighting Wars, and punishing wrong-doers, so there is no time, or effort, left over to take care of safe drinking water for Earth's children.


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