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Joshua Sloan
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Re: Dojo in southern Indiana?


Thanks for sending me the contact info; I spoke with Kulhanek Sensei by phone this morning and passed it on to him, as well. He seemed excited to hear of your interest and anxious to begin training again, and I expect he'll try to get in touch with you when he can. It also wouldn't surprise me if he finds his way to this forum, now that he knows about it.

I should be back in the Evansville area next weekend, and Sensei and I spoke of the possibility of meeting up to discuss our options. If you or any other interested people are available sometime next weekend, it would be great if you could join us, but, if not, we'll still try to get the ball rolling to re-establish the school.

With regard to the question of the cost of running a school and training, there are some relatively fixed components and some which can vary drastically. You can expect to pay somewhere between $50 - $80 for a decent gi. Our mat fees were typically around $70/month, but that rarely added up to enough to cover rent and utilities; around $70/month seems to be about the average tuition in an Aikido Dojo, based on the schools I've trained in or visited while traveling. Having said that, I have no way of predicting what our fees will be until we look around and see what our options are for a training venue, but I don't think we would expect a student to contribute more than the generally accepted $70/month; we will, of course, try to minimize cost to the student, especially considering that, for the time being, we would be operating as more of an informal club than as a formal dojo. The cost components which tend to vary more widely would be the overall rent, utilities, mats, and maintenance, but these would be more of a concern to those managing the school; as a student, costs would likely be as stated above or less.

I any case, we'll see what we can do; I'm pretty confident we can get the school up and running again. Given current market conditions, we may be able to buy a building for our club/school more cheaply than we could rent space.

Looking forward to rebuilding the dojo,

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