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Re: Aikido and Yoga

Thank you, Mary and Alex. Excellent information!

I practice Bikram Yoga. That is the "hot" style of yoga. I've been praciticing it for over ten years and teaching now for six months. The emphasis with Bikram is on building an equality between the strength and the flexibility of the body. As a teacher I encourage my students to find the balance between what their body can do flexibility wise as well as building the endurance to maintain the posture for the recommended time. The 90 minute series contains 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises that are executed in the same manner every class. We do place emphasis on alignment and form, and teach the student to always follow form before depth. It can be a very cardiovascularly demanding series, and it definitely builds concentration, determination and focus. I believe it will be to my great benefit as I pursue the Aiki arts.

Alex, I definitely understand what you mean about the outward/inward balance between the different styles of yoga. I have practiced Iyengar as well. Bikram would probably also resonate with you as a more outward style of yoga. For me, however, I find that as I work my *body* outwardly, I can work my mind and spirit much more inward. Bringing the yo-ga (union) together.

Trusting the process.
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