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Re: Seishiro Endo Shihan - Montreal April 7 - 9 2009

Immediately, ppl sit down around him and start to admire how good he is (he was actually very surprised that in Montreal, folks tried actually to practice instead of admiring him LOL).
Really? Is this something Endo told you... "wow, i'm surprised no one is sitting down to admire me?" I don't think so... but maybe. In my experience, Endo makes it a point to train actually train with everyone, and if you are at a seminar for 3 days there is virtually 100% chance that he will at some point train with you. He moves around the mat, and likes a small group in his immediate vicinity to sit and make some space, so that he can throw *everyone* in that group before moving on to the next one. Maybe you don't like to grab on to your shihan, but...??

I had a great pleasure to learn from Kanetsuka sensei during few years when he was still teaching aikido techniques beside some other interesting exercises. I think you need a good balance between them; otherwise it will denature the development of students. Those students, who never did any aikido techniques and practice only ‘essence' will not have a good understanding of aikido that O sensei created.
I agree, good balance is essential. But it's very hard to get when most teachers focus only on "This is what Ikkyo looks like in the book" How much of that training is necessary until you have to start balancing it out with other training?

In any case, thank you for coming to the seminar, I was hoping to meet you since I read so many of your posts here on Aiki-web, but I guess I missed you. Perhaps at the May seminar.

For my part, the seminar was excellent, as was the following weekend in Toronto, and we hope to have Endo shihan back again next year. Thank you to everyone for coming out and supporting the event.
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