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Re: Seishiro Endo Shihan - Montreal April 7 - 9 2009

Szczepan Janczuk wrote: View Post
are you saying there are the points in the technique, where the teaching of Endo sensei fails(because is not useful)?
No, I am saying that we are not taught never ever to grab or something like that.
There are parts of the technique where it is usefull not to grab. Thats often the beginning, the entry of the technique.
And sure there are parts of the technique where it is usefull to grab.

Endo is not teaching not to grab or something like that as a conept or principle. He is not teaching any conpts or principles like Ki-Aikdio e.g.does.
We are doing concrete and pyhsical things. Explore how to move in certain situation, how to collaps uke, how to position ourselves ...

Endo just tell us to observe our body, to check honestly whether we can move freely, wether we really control the opponent completely, things like that.

"the teaching of Endo" is ikkyo, nikyo, sankyo ..., is shiho nage, iriminage, kote gaeshi, kaiten nage ..., is aikido.

"the teaching of Endo" is aikido as budo. Aikido as dao.

ori must control completely attacker by locking his body, not only by touching him lightly.Such light touch will never stop me to do a vigorous counter
What does "touching lightly" mean?
We touch the attacker so he can't move or has to move the way I guide him.
To me "lightly" is not the right word because this touching has a great impact on uke. At least if someone knows how to do it.

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