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I suppose Doshin Nakano as mentioned in that article you've hyperlinked is the same as Doshin So who claims to be the true successor of Shorinji Kempo...

Anyway, he does not give mention at all to Hakko-Ryu in his book, but then I'm no academician. My knowledge lies primarily on secondary and tertiary research. Still an excerpt from his book goes like this -

"The shaolin-ssu (shorinji in japanese) temple, located in Honan Prefecture in China, was the site where Bodhidharma, a sixth-century Buddhist patriach, introduced Shorinji Kempo to a group of buddhist priests who for many ages practiced it in conjunction with Zen meditation as a spiritual discipline and a way to defend themselves and encourage the development of benevolence. It was never taught to any except those who were definitely going to enter priesthood, and as a result, Shorinji kempo embodies much of the characteristic oriental idea of calm and harmony. blah blah blah..."

I did ask my sensei about it once, and he told me that its basically shaolin kung fu, pronounced shorinji in the japanese fashion. From what I've seen, its probably a watered down version of shaolin kung fu. (It doesn't look like jujitsu to me, at least not the way they practice here in Malaysia).

Whatever the case may be, I didn't intend for my post to elaborate much on Shorinji. I just used it as an example of a martial art that derived its ancestry from China.

And as someone has clearly mentioned earlier, there's only so many ways to throw/hit/kick/lock someone. Just like music has only so many notes... its the way its arranged, the tempo and the accompaniment that makes it into a particular kind of music.

I think my post was just to give an opinion that I disagree with aikido being taoist derived. Mayhaps influenced but not derived.

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