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Re: Seishiro Endo Shihan - Montreal April 7 - 9 2009

Hi Szczepan
Szczepan Janczuk wrote: View Post
Hi Carsten,
I see my communication skills are very poor, I'm not able to make you understand my point correctly.
I don't think so. I think I understood you very well. Because many of your statements or questions are very near to or identicall with my understanding of Aikido.

But I think, that your image of the Aikido following Endo or Tissier doesn't meet what I have experienced over the years.
And maybe, our practice here is different from that in the US? I don't know.

I have often had this same dialogue but I was in your place, saying your sentences. Interesting. Here in Germany things seem to be the other way round. Here our Aikido is known for emphasizing the martial aspects, the budo character of Aikido

Please do an exercise: Go to Yoshinkai/Tomiki/Aikibudo dojo, regardless of affiliation. Then try to do your techniques on these folks following Endo sensei teaching(i.e. not grabbing attacker). Giving the fact you have 15 years of experience, you shouldn't face any problem.
Short version here (The long sermon by PM):

I tried out my Aikido with Yudansha from Yoshinkan and with Practioners of Aiki Budo.
(There is no Tomiki Aikido here in Germany.)
I trained at special seminars with People from other martial arts (Boxing, Kickboxing, Jujutsu, Pencak Silat, Judo, Karate ...)

I didn't face any problems. (Except the ones I carry with me, not depending on my partners or our style of Aikido ...)
I experienced that our Aikido works. (Sometimes better, sometimes poorer. Just like always.)

So I know (not I just think) that my technique works. (On my level.)
And I experienced that it works better doing it the way Endo teaches it. (i.e. not grabbing but only guiding by contact. Not the whole technique through, but only at the points where it is usefull.)
And it works stronger with people who are not used to it - although it doesn't look so elegant then.


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