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Re: Seishiro Endo Shihan - Montreal April 7 - 9 2009

Szczepan Janczuk wrote: View Post
There is simply 'an attack' and the instructor have to deal with it.
Yes, that's the way, we train. We domesticate our uke but deal with the attack they deliver.
I have seen neither Endo nor Tissier correcting their uke that way. And I have seen them often with uke being not familiar with their aikido.
On the contrary: They correct uke who try to do them "favours".

As every basic principle is contained in any technique, it doesn't matter what technique instructor is doing, as long as he respect the pronciple that he wants to teach.
ya: those were my words after discussing my experiences after the first seminar I attendend.
Why such exercises and not teaching kuzushi or other things directly through the techniques?
I didn't feel good with that, I wanted to do Aikido and not something else.
I was convinced by practice.

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