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Re: Bad Advice and Self Defense

Be it men or women, I do not think there is any substitute to physical training and body conditioning.
If you do horse riding you can expect to get decked, similarily if you are in an open hand fight expect to get hit.

Regardless of the art, I believe that you do need do some from of resistance training, weapons and multiple attackers.
You need to familiar against opponent that rushes you, ambush you or fights from an organised position.
As someone mentioned before, knowing the laws is paramount, you need to know where SD stops and assault starts.

Ideally, you will have striking and grappling.
Ground work is a nice plus for men and a must for women but to be on safe side you should be able to on attack and escape from the ground basic position. By escape I mean being able to get back up and not to end up there in the first place.

To get and adequate level of competence and ability, you will need minimum 2 to 3 years, regardless of what you do (Provided that the underlying principles are sound).
In our part of the world, you will really only face trained and able fighter if you do competition or if you own money to people you should not have borrowed from.
So having a superior skill set to your potential opponent is not that hard to obtain.

Even purely striking or purely grappling arts will be adequate provided that you cater for the different type of attacks, multiple opponents and weapons in your training.
To be fair a bit of the art that is not practiced, will probably de facto be included because you do need to defend against it. And again a bit of ground work will probably creep up.

Even though with the right training you can get proficient relatively quickly at certain type certain aspect but the real time consuming bugbears is to know what to do when.
I my opinion there is no quick way to that.


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