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Re: Seishiro Endo Shihan - Montreal April 7 - 9 2009


Szczepan Janczuk wrote: View Post
you can't learn to be independent of uke will if you always practice with uke who is following prearranged movements.
That is exactly my point!!!

Most teachers (I know) over here in Germany need a following uke. Asai Sensei, the shihan who brought Aikido to Germany in 1965 teaches openly that way. So People doesn't learn, how to handle a uke who doesn't follow and hold on to the contact. - Simply doesn't follow, I'n not yet talking about resistance.

Therefore Students went to Christian Tissier. Because his Aikido ist different. Here nage creates the contact by himself. Uke isn't expected to follow. The "rules" or the "code" for uke are: Regain your ballance, don't move if you don't have to, don't follow if you don't need to, don't fall by yourself, show nage his openings ...
That's the work of uke in our Aikido. And uke may resist or counter.

You will not learn Aikido if you always practice with uke who is following prearranged movements.

"Code" simply means kata and rei like in every dojo. When Tissier talks about a "code" then he states that this code helps to learn, but that other people or other arts use other codes and that we don't must rely simply on such code =kata.

The Teaching of Endo goes one step further because he teaches a system of exercises by which the handling of uke can be learned. A handling that doesn't expect uke to do something like follow, to hold contact, whatever. Even if uke tries to resist oder to move away or ...
It works.

Nage must experience aleatory behavior of uke, and not only codified movements that are known to both students in advance.But such situation is forbidden in your style of aikido.
Is it?
Must be new. Untill last Monday it wasn't.
So you know more, than I do.

I don't know, how you got your understanding of our Aikido.
Didn't Endo "play" at that seminar? Didn't he have one of his deshi with him?


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