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Dead Ask sensei to demonstrate "at speed"?

I have been doing Aikido for about 3 months now and have started to question the actual effectiveness of the art.

I am well aware of the MANNY arguments about Aikido and if it is an effective means of self defense.

The reason I have started to question is that we where practicing defense of a strait punch, on my second attack as Uke I instinctively assumed a kickboxing pose (I trained in kick boxing for a few year) and went to attack a Sho Dan in the requested manner, the Sho Dan completely frose and didn't know what to do… I immediately apologized and explained it was "instinctive" pose I assume for attacking and all was forgiven.

But if that Sho Dan was attacked in the street would they react the same? I don't think Sensei would but it has made me "second guess" Aikido as a method of self defense (I won't stop doing it because I like the idea of harmony and a fluidity with your opponents)

So after all that rambling… is there a respectful way for me to ask Sensei if to demonstrate these technique "at speed" (preferably with me as Uke) I am worried this will sound like a challenge or be seen as disrespectful. I am not good with words and would hate to offend anyone.
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