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Re: My shodan exam on YouTube

Szczepan Janczuk wrote: View Post
And what is the result of this watching? What are the most important errors you did?
Overall I'm satisfied with my exam. I think I showed that I could do all the basic techniques with some confidence, which I consider the main point of the shodan exam. There are aspects of my posture that could have been better, such as having more stable footing and squaring my hips for better power during some of the throws. I also wish I was a little "sharper" and a little "snappier", in other words a little more like Skip Chapman as he tossed me around in the ukemi portion of the exam. Wish I didn't look as tired and moved a little faster. But with a few hours of training right before the exam and the stress of the exam itself, I was tired.

Jonathan Olson
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