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Re: Seishiro Endo Shihan - Montreal April 7 - 9 2009

Thanks, Ron,

Could you then please clarify what in Szczepan's opinion strikes you as well-considered intelligent disagreement? If you're not judging from experience with Endo Sensei, then I'm assuming you accept his claims about Endo Sensei's teaching style on face value (which is perfectly legitimate, as Szczepan is known as an experienced, no-nonsense Aikido practitioner).

But if you were one of the "believers", how would you go about refuting his claims? We have witnesses of practitioners who attended Endo Sensei's seminars and whose accounts are diametrically opposite to Szczepan's; what is their value, vs. Szczepan's? We have Endo Sensei's DVD on kihon waza as proof that he in fact pays close attention to basics; what is its value in this argument? Szczepan discounts adherents of this type of training as those that always blame their uke if their technique doesn't work, as those who "has never been hit" if their technique is not martially sound. This is just a sweeping generalization, does it have to be refuted as well? And how? :-)

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