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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Seishiro Endo Shihan - Montreal April 7 - 9 2009

Nick Pittson wrote: View Post
I dunno Ron,

I agree with his point on advanced vs.beginners, but he is clearly not a beginner by his own admission.

If he could not or would not follow sensei's teaching during the seminar, guess that is his own fault, not senseis.
I don't know...If he could not it might be no one's fault. Or it might be the instructor's fault. Or it might be his...who knows? Why do we assume that the participant is clueless and the instructor is always right?

As the only other person present at this seminar posting on this thread, looks like 50% didnt get what they wanted ("See, me, I'm not sitting during seminars. I'm not learning from books, DVD or from talks. I'm using all this time for purely physical practice.") and the other 50% had no problem understanding and applying the martial applications of timeing, spacing and connection, and not gripeing too much about all the seiza and listening.
Well, when you characterize his position negatively to start, it seems like his concerns are not even being given a fair chance. I can understand the issue with too much talk and not enough training...I've left dojo because of that.

To balance that should be noted that many of Ueshiba's students wanted the "old man" to shut up and let them train...many of them kind of regretted that attitude later on I'm told.

If I cant follow a teacher, or dont like what they are doing, that is my own business, and its up to me to remedy it for myself (read find another teacher or work harder at understanding what they are teaching), whether at a seminar or at a regular class.
So you assume that Mr. S didn't or hasn't done that? He doesn't have a right to disagree intelligently?

Sorry, I don't get that.


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